Peck's praise of AA isn't some feelgood therapy technique to make addicts feel better about themselves. It is backed up by some really interesting points and can be read in his book Further Along the Road Less Travelled.
Hairdressing is often the opposite of a beautifying moment and rather a minefield of emotions but sometimes very illuminating ones. Next time check out how you feel when you get your haircut. If you don't like what you see you might want to switch the hairdresser's chair for a therapist's.
"Wait for the guy who wants to show you off to the world?". Exactly how does this work? I'm confused. Is he in to wife swapping? Husband swapping? That's just what I need, I've falling in love with a porno director and he wants to "show me off".
A quick social media scan tells me that the Beau is on holiday with the 'beautiful family' from whom he continues to pretend he is estranged. He'd got quite courageous in the weeks leading up to it, calling me on weekend lunchtimes to say he "happened to be in the area".
Work instead becomes a place where you may struggle to cope, trying to get through your day whilst holding your thoughts about your divorce at bay. It's the same work, same school, same kids, same summer but an altogether different perception of it all.
Selling itself as a “safe place to vent”, Letter To My Ex is where the broken-hearted go to get closure. Or, in many cases
Recently I have been seriously considering selling everything I own.
When I was little I was unsure about everything and fretted about anything. If the cat was sick. If my teacher wasn't on form. If my parents were unhappy. Sometimes I would come away from talking to someone who was negatively charged and feel inexplicably down. They would say something slightly critical and I would feel annihilated.
I sat, staring in the mirror, amazed at what I had discovered. I was my own worst enemy. I was the one holding me back. For
In the 21st Century we can live such busy lives that it's very easy to lose awareness of the ability we all have to control our emotions, our state of mind and the skill of planning for happiness. Rather than just letting life happen to you, how much better might it be to consciously steer it, through your actions, thought and feelings, in a more positive direction?