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Let's start in an unexpected way today. Just imagine how bad Sunderland against Burnley must have been to watch. 0-0 must have been the most guaranteed result of the day. It's nice to see Jermain Defoe back in the England squad though, if only as a reward for putting up with only being passed the ball about 25 times this season.
It was a funny old weekend of football. Premier League matches alongside some juicy FA Cup Quarter Finals always dilute the attention and I am not sure we are any the wiser as a result. Mind you, it would take more than a game of football to make me wise, that is for sure.
It really is a lot tighter than many believe, and it's only going to get more intense over the coming weeks. Two of the top six will now be facing each other in every match round until the middle of March, so make no mistake about it; this league is literally anybody's to go out there and snatch.
Every year, hundreds of predictions are made about the football season ahead. Promotion and relegation candidates are pored
Dear Gareth. Could you make England play like Spurs please? Thanks. Before we wax lyrical about the Premier League to soften
Kane isn't thought to have suffered any bone fractures of ligament tears when he rolled his ankle, so the damage from the strain won't be long-term and will heal with rest and time. While that process is ongoing, he can rest in general as well. In the meantime, it's up to Vincent Janssen to score the goals and give Mauricio Pochettino the good kind of manager headache for when a refreshed Kane is ready to come back into the fold.
I spent at least five minutes last night trying to remember a better Champions League debut. I recall Rooney getting a hat
This has to be the worst Premier League title defence since, well I don't know, Chelsea last season, right? It looks like my predictions for last season might have been accurate, just a year too soon with Chelsea and City in the top two and West Ham being relegated with Leicester. I jest of course, Hull are still on track to win the league.
I thought I would break up today's column with something very, very funny for once. Yes, none of the usual tongue-in-cheek, poke fun stuff here. I am going for downright hilarious. Yaya Toure's agent has claimed both United and Arsenal are interested in his client. I'll just leave that there for a second and you can decide for yourselves whether there is any point in me continuing today. I mean, I'm not going to top that am I?
You can often get a feel for a new manager by the substitutions he makes to change a game. I'd just like to point out that Sam brought on Walcott and left Vardy, yeah you know the one that led Leicester to the Premier League title last season, on the bench. Still, he has taught Lallana to actually hit the back of the net so progress is being made, right?