tower hamlets

A residents' group are expected to launch a legal challenge against proposals to station surface-to-air missiles on the roof
The forthcoming local elections present "enormous opportunities" for vote-rigging and electoral fraud, a senior judge warned
When I first decided to go into local politics, rather than continue in law, I guessed that life would never be easy, especially in a borough such as mine whose turbulent yet rich history forms part of the tapestry of London's East End.
Remember Tony Blair's three priorities for government? They were 'education, education and education'. Talking to prospective free school principal David Perks, I became convinced that his 'three priorities for education' would be 'science, science and science'.
I've just fallen in love with England again. I never thought it would happen, but after filming two dangerous and notorious men from Luton over the past year, I'm glad I live here. The two men are Tommy Robinson - the founder and leader of the English Defence League - and Sayful Islam - leader of a group of fundamentalist Muslims. Both are Luton born and bred. Tommy is the manager of a local tanning shop; Sayful was a tax inspector before he gave it up to bring Islam to the streets of Britain.
One of the most short sighted policies that the Conservative led government has pushed through has been the abolition of the Education Maintenance Grant.
You may assume that the Daily Mail would welcome George Osborne's announcement that Council Tax would be frozen for the second
Cambridge University is hoping to encourage students from poorer backgrounds to apply by forging links with schools in London's
There were many things bad about the Victorian era; think workhouses, pollution and child labour. But one thing Victorians in Britain could rightly be proud of - and about which their modern counterparts should be heartily ashamed - was the provision of rightly-named Public Conveniences.
The trouble in the east end of London at the weekend is evidence of English Defence League's intolerance but also the intolerance of the UAF and their unwilling to hold a political discourse with members of the far-right.