'They showed me pictures of it after the operation, it was enormous.'
A woman has spoken of her horror after she was told she had a ‘baby-sized’ 7.5lbs tumour in her leg, just days before a dream
An acupuncturist has had surgery to remove a 17cm tumour from her womb, which left her looking “28 weeks pregnant”.  Maria
Patients are given a special drink before their operation. This lemony-tasting drink contains a chemical called 5-ALA which is absorbed by cancer cells and then basically rearranged into a much larger molecule - one that looks a little bit crystal like.
You often hear about people who live with a tumour in their body for years before noticing something is up. But one 46-year
A Brazilian man has stunned the world after performing a rendition of 'Yesterday' by The Beatles during open brain surgery
A girl with a life-threatening, football-sized tumour on her face has been saved by a 'Mercy Ship' floating hospital. Grace
Tick after tick as we went down the list of various symptoms so subtle that you think surely, this is not disease. Sleep apnea (surely due to weight loss pills I was taking...that only served to stop me from being deathly tired every day) Check. Recurring cystitis (not enough water/too much wine). Check. Candida (too much sugar in my diet) Check
Recently an 11-year-old son of a friend was killed by his mentally ill father. An ex-colleague of mine was diagnosed with cancer last November and he died in January; there were Facebook statuses and then they stopped. And now I have a tumour... My darling children, how I hope that you will not have to go through life without me!
An 11-year-old girl has undergone surgery to remove a 15kg tumour from her abdomen. Han Bingbing’s growth, later diagnosed
Auto mechanic Yang Ha has endured a 13kg tumour on his back since he was a teenager. But after his local village chipped
Brain surgery, it's not exactly rocket science... but it is one of those jobs that people can't quite believe you do, and I am usually asked if I am joking.... So what is it like being a neurosurgeon? In common with rocket science, neurosurgery sounds more glamorous than it really is.
Flipping a genetic switch in tumour cells can halt the spread of cancer, scientists have shown. The discovery raises the
Breast screening with 3D mammograms increases the detection rate of tumours by a third, a study has found. Scientists compared
A student who was hours from death when she was diagnosed with a huge brain tumour has stunned doctors by making an incredible
When Tara Mann took her daughter Eliana, now 10 years old, to her local GP, the young girl was promptly sent to have further