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'The Fall' Series 2 found heroine and villain far away from each other once more, following their tantalising brush with
Jamie Dornan reveals that, after a couple of very high-profile roles which see him playing dark, dominating troubles characters
Robson Green admits that, although his golden handcuffs deal earlier in his career made him one of the country’s most highly
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Grantchester, the quaint little Cambridgeshire village previously best known for housing poet Rupert Brooke, writer Jeffrey
When the BBC do it right, they do it superbly, as with 'The Honourable Woman' - an engrossing political thriller AND family
'Amber' reached its four-part conclusion this week, with viewers left none the wiser as to what had happened to the missing
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"Every country should have its own detective." That's exactly how programme-maker Ed Thomas convinced the powers that be
"The only person I trust is Mac, she'll keep the disc safe." said DS Marcus Farrow, just as we saw aforementioned Mac chucking