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"Every day seemed to offer new surprises and things were said to me — often in the guise of 'help' — that I never thought I’d hear come out of people’s mouths."
When parents see their families portrayed authentically, it fosters a sense of validation, empathy and belonging.
"In my darkest moments, school officials who used to applaud my parenting now wondered if I was up for the task."
A major overhaul of the welfare system could see people with depression and anxiety stripped of their payments.
These five disabled makeup artists are thriving in a world that’s always dismissed them.
The campaign from the CoorDown pulls no punches when it comes to societal prejudice.
"There was no time to assess if anyone might see me from the windows of a nearby building. I dove behind a bush and did my business."
"Most people with invisible disabilities choose not to disclose these to their managers for fear of being seen as less capable and having their career progress stalled."
"I questioned if our relationship was even real. Maybe I was being dramatic and selfish? Had this all been in my head?"
The comedian used an offensive slur in his latest special for Netflix.