David Hockney has agreed to a short visit as he supervises installation of his much anticipated landscape exhibition, opening at London's Royal Academy of Arts today (21 January). Not long after the Queen appointed him to the Order of Merit, we sip tea in a private Royal Academy office, looking out on another wet, cold London afternoon.
I just can't get a handle on classical music. I'm pretty sure that behind this door that's closed to me, there's a world of wonderful, enriching sound out there. And if I could only find the handle, I'd be able, at least, to stand on the threshold and catch my breathe at the panorama in front of me.
April sees New Yorkers go crazy for a certain root vegetable while the Japanese celebrate 'eel day' in July. Every country
One of the nation's most popular actresses, Joanna Lumley, called on the services of another old favourite today - a London
9am Saturday morning, we finally make it to Mexico City. The haze of the overnight flight is broken abruptly as we enter baggage claim to the sight of the growing crowd of excited fans holding signs, cameras and gifts through the frosted glass on the other side of immigration.
Chris Ward has negotiated a pact that, if not exactly Faustian, strains the boundaries of an already uneasy relationship
I bumped into Andy Rourke. We had met a few times before, it was great to see the dude and he asked me to come down to play on his radio show the next day. I got down there at about 12pm and I was hanging on the ledge over the edge, if you know what I mean, but I found Andy with a vodka tonic, blasting Gilbert O'Sullivan from his studio in the Lower East Side.
We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that certain brekkie act as great brain-boosting agents
Setting up an educational programme to promote AIDS awareness is a laudable achievement in itself but to do it on the back
AIDS is a difficult subject to broach, as campaigner and HIV patient Robert Fieldhouse knows only too well. For many people