“ITV News making the McDonald’s milkshake shortage out like a global pandemic,” one user joked.
First Nando's ran out of chicken, now McDonald's milkshakes are gone. What gives?
Get a vegetarian McDonald’s-style breakfast fix from the comfort of your own home.
George Eustice said “food-to-go outlets” were never mandated to close when the coronavirus lockdown was imposed.
As workers pleaded for coronavirus safety supplies, Los Angeles McDonald's locations posted a calendar of fun activities.
The restaurant chain, which employs more than 130,000 people, has said stores will shut by 7pm on Monday.
Transmission can occur through contaminated surfaces – including self-service check-outs.
The fast food giant admitted the incident in Paddington last year was “unacceptable” and stressed that guide dogs are welcome in its restaurants.
One McDonald’s employee talks about her experience fighting for a liveable wage, as some staff from the franchise’s South London stores go on strike for better working conditions.
The CEO of McDonald’s has been forced to resign after his relationship with an employee. Can office romances ever be drama-free?
The British boss had violated company policy and shown "poor judgement", McDonald's said.
Despite the stigma, these restaurants have provided opportunities for millions of people.
The move comes after two young girls from Southampton petitioned the chain to stop giving out plastic toys.
The fast food giant switched from plastic straws last year.
Even more time to get your Egg McMuffin fix.
The girls, aged nine and seven, star in tonight's episode of War On Plastic.