The government are backing them, but be aware of higher interest and the risks of negative equity.
A number of changes are coming, including 5% mortgages and a longer stamp duty holiday.
JP & Brimelow in Greater Manchester made the statement as the UK's death toll approached 100,000.
Homebuyers are up against the clock as the property industry urges government to extend the stamp duty holiday.
The property market is booming, but does that actually mean it's a good time to buy?
Housing, communities and local government minister Robert Jenrick has had a meteoric rise to the Cabinet, only becoming an MP in 2014. One of the ministers entrusted to deliver the daily coronavirus briefings, his short time in the inner circle of government hasn’t been without controversy. At the beginning of the pandemic, he was accused of not adhering to the guidelines but now a decision he made on a property development is being called into question by opposing parties who see a conflict of interest.
One reader said the delay was a “gut punch”, while others have been ghosted by estate agents.
My home has no running water, no electricity, no washing machine and no internet. This way of life may not be for everyone, but it is for me, writes Mark Boyle.
Find out if the weed is near your home on the Japanese knotweed heat map – plus how much it costs to remove it.
Twenty years ago, the average rent accounted for about 30% of the average income in England – now, it's a lot higher.