Yesterday, there were reports of how Apple boss Steve Jobs died, as told by his sister: "His tone was affectionate, dear
"Whoever wrote the plays is saying we're all equal, we're all foolish and at moments we're all fabulous." Now Anonymous star
Well, here's something for Rylance to chew on: perhaps Shakespeare made it up, invented the details, as creative people are often known to do. This seems never to occur to Oxfordians, who reject the notion that a mere glovemaker's son from a provincial backwater, could possibly have had the wit to write some of the most brilliant and insightful verse in the English language.
While I was in India last week, I read an article about how some "virtual" monkeys had recreated the works of Shakespeare.
An "unprecedented gathering" of global performers and artists is to be revealed later today as part of the World Shakespeare
The creative process can be brutal. To make a sentence the right words must be hunted, like thieves in the night.