university of bath

'The highly paid should set an example, particularly at a time of pay restraints.'
Former education minister Lord Andrew Adonis has launched a scathing attack on university bosses over their ‚Äúgreed‚ÄĚ, claiming
Some vice chancellors are paid more than £450,000 a year.
Furious union bosses have called for government action after it emerged that university leaders now earn on average more
University of Bath staff and students have labelled¬†¬£400,000 Vice Chancellor Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell as ‚Äúgreedy‚ÄĚ after
In setting out to confront those who are born and raised in the UK but "who don't really identify with Britain", as he now puts it, the Prime Minister and others, like many before, implicitly reveal the real chink in their counter-narrative armour - which is that they do not offer any narrative of their own. They are clear about what they are against, but not about what they are for.
An entirely new species of dinosaur has been discovered from fossils that had been sat in a Canadian museum for 75 years
Commuters travelling on the London Underground Jubilee Line inhale more fungal spores than those on the Central and Bakerloo
A covering letter is a chance for you to emphasise why you are perfect for the position, to show that you've gone that extra mile; and it does so in a far more personal way than a CV. It may be the first impression your potential employer gets of you, so use it wisely; not only to reiterate your relevant skills and knowledge, but to demonstrate the enthusiasm you have for the post.