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UPDATE: Woman's body was found floating face down by a fisherman A body has been discovered in a lake at a university. Police
The Union of UEA Students, led by four full-time officers elected from the student body, provide many of the services that make the UEA student experience so great- club nights, sports teams, student media including a newspaper, radio station and television studio to name just a few. Unsurprisingly, these services cost an awful lot of money to run- and the pot is running out.
Poor countries want money and technology for development, rich countries don't really want to give it, there is anyway little evidence that the money will be used for clean energy or preparedness, and the lucky countries with oil and gas want to keep pumping it because it makes them rich countries not poor ones, like Qatar.
This week, BFI Palgrave MacMillan release Ealing Revisited, a new collection of essays on what is, arguably, the most iconic and best loved studio in British cinema history.
The many events and discussions that have taken place around the UK during Black History Month, which draws to a close next
Source: Mason's A university rugby team has been shut down after players allegedly dressed up as Ku Klux Klan extremists
So what's all the fuss about Raspberry Pi? How can a small red box, thought up by scientists in Cambridge, inspire such a lot of interest? The answer is simple - the Raspbery Pi is the anti-iPad.
Researchers from the University of East Anglia found that medical staff are regularly administrating wrong doses or giving
Where this ancient landscape runs into the Indian Ocean is Durban City and its suburbs, only 100 years old and home to three million people. For the past fortnight, another 10,000 people came to Durban from across the world over to discuss what to about manmade climate change.
Thousands more emails from the university at the centre of the "climategate" row over global warming science two years ago