U.S. Military

Shame should weigh heavily on the shoulders of those who choose to defend, or ignore, our military's shameful acts. How many tragic incidents do you write off as mistakes before you accept, albeit begrudgingly, that there is an institutional problem manifesting within our armed forces?
Staying in Afghanistan has been hard, but getting out may yet prove politically to be the greatest challenge of all. According to a poll undertaken by YouGov-Cambridge, 56% of the British public think Nato and the UK should not negotiate with the Taliban if it means giving up on promoting human rights in Afghanistan.
From Tuesday, September 20th, gay men and women will be able to serve openly in the US military for the first time in history.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The Taliban insurgents responsible for downing a US Chinook helicopter and killing 38 US and Afghan
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A military helicopter has crashed in eastern Afghanistan, killing 30 US special operation troops and