v for vendetta

Anarchists in V For Vendetta masks bring Westminster to a halt.
Anarchist protesters wearing Guido Fawkes disguises brought their anti-capitalist message to the heart of London for the
We are more than just cattle who keep the cogs of capitalism grinding, we are beautiful creative beings capable of great things. The average person does not want wars, mundane repetitive tasks and destruction.
Female students have been warned to stay alert after a masked man followed several women, and attempted to attack one late
Justin Bieber scares us at the best of times, but he was giving us some serious heebie jeebies when he stepped out in a creepy
Never has any work of art so comprehensively failed that test. The ransacking of historical imagery doesn't stop there, as
My last drop of cinematic goodwill was about to evaporate forever - prompted, largely, by the arrival of the hulking black hole of a film that is New Years Eve (if you are over 12 and watch more than 30 seconds of that trailer you will start to feel the edges of your soul shrivel and die).
The symbolism of Guy Fawkes has been adopted by the global movement of anti-capitalism protesters. So commemorating 5 November leaves us with mixed feelings whilst we hold our sparklers...knowing that Fawkes was tortured and then hung, drawn and quartered.