for me the key thing is that Sandy has brought front and centre political issues which have not reared themselves in the campaign up until now. Climate change impacts and America's eroding 1950s and 1960s infrastructure - Democratic talking points.
It's big. It's got tall buildings. It speaks French. It has strange red flashing traffic lights that confuse the hell out of us. It's like a cross between a North American city (which it is), a Scottish city like Aberdeen or Edinburgh (which it isn't), and in some strange way (and I'm really gonna get lambasted for this one) - Sydney. Where am I?
An elephant who can play the harmonica is causing a flap at Washington's National Zoo, with her perchant for music-making
There is no doubt in my mind. This week in Washington I saw the most impressive performance of a financial policymaker since the crash began in 2007.
The Republican four man presidential nomination 'food fight' has come to an end with Rick Santorum's latest impressive wins. 'Rocky' Santorum has managed to muscle this Republican primary bout into a two man slugfest.
David and Samantha Cameron were guests of honour at a glittering lunch hosted by Vice-President Joe Biden and Secretary of
David Cameron and Barack Obama have confirmed that British and American forces in Afghanistan will move to a "support role
A three-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed himself with his parents' gun, after being left unattended in a car while
During this contentious political season with all that has been said about the anger, hatred and the disgust we American's have for one another - let me say on this Christmas morning - that I have never been prouder to be one of over three hundred million Americans who still believes in this great and ever-evolving democratic experiment.
Kanye West threatened to eject hundreds of fans from his concert with Jay-Z on Friday after one member of the crowd began