Spawn-taneous salmon were caught crossing the road in Seattle, after floods in Washington State saw the floundering fish
Mystery gridlines in the Chinese desert that were captured by Google Earth have spawned wild and worrying conspiracy theories
There's no time to lose. What's the use of worrying? It never was worth while, so let's pack up our troubles in our old kit bag and smile, smile, smile.
It seems clear that investors pulled out of the market due to long term fear and uncertainty of what is next. The only sensible answer may be to stuff your cash into your mattress and hope the bed bugs don't bite
This weekend marks the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks. It has been a hard decade, at home and overseas, and one of sacrifice of too many lives.
While thousands of miles away I'm glued to the US debt ceiling debate. Not because it's particularly interesting but because the unfolding situation, still pretty much in its infancy, will have a direct and lasting impact on the place I was born, the place I grew up and all the places, institutions and communities I now work with to improve.
The world - especially the financial community no longer believes the U.S. Government functions properly and may not be able to be trusted to act like responsible adults in charge of the world's most important economy.
Every day I look out from my office window across Grosvenor Square - on a corner of London that is forever America. The view - of Presidential statues, buildings with American connections, and memorials to World War II and 9/11 - is a powerful reminder of the special relationship and our shared commitment to liberty and democracy.