People who eat a lot of whole grains have a reduced risk of developing heart disease and cancer in later life, a major health
In recognition of this popular trend new products are entering the market all the time to make it easier than ever for all of us to include more ancient grains in our daily diets - Wraps, breakfast cereals, snack pots and meal accompaniments can all be found on UK supermarket shelves. So you no longer have to go to Hollywood whole food shops to eat like a star.
All it takes is 4 easy steps over 4 weeks. Over the next four weeks I am going to help you regain complete control of your kitchen, swap processed foods for real foods, eat healthily and have fun with your family inside and outside the kitchen with the money you save.
A diet high in fibre-rich foods such as porridge, brown rice and cereal cuts the risk of bowel cancer, according to an analysis