There are three factors required for a wildfire to occur. The first is an ignition source coming into contact with vegetation
A Sheffield man has been killed after he was caught up in fierce Australian wildfires. Thomas Butcher was trying to lead
As if they didn’t already have enough problems, wildfires in Greece are now threatening thousands of homes. Much of the Greek
Firefighters battled a blaze at an 18th century mansion on Wednesday, which started in the basement of Clandon House before
A huge blaze is currently tearing through part of south Wales after a number of other grass fires were also started deliberately
Thousands of Australians fled their homes as wildfires raged across the nation's south on Saturday, with firefighters struggling
Reid Wiseman has uploaded an incredible Vine which shows what happens to fire in the bleakness of space and honestly, it
Prince Harry has visited a Chilean shanty town community whose homes were destroyed by devastating wildfires - and fixed
Bushfires are currently raging around the outskirts of Sydney. The smoke is spreading through the state capital of New South
Smoke billowing from fires in the west of Sydney Sydney residents in the city's western suburbs have reported seeing burning