Our roundup of this week’s good news, featuring wolf puppies, plants taking selfies, travelling rhinos, and a man whose dementia didn’t stop him playing a piano piece he had composed over 30 years ago.
Hunting has been a hot issue going back and forth between Swedish courts since 2009, after parliament ended an almost 50-year ban.
Modern domestic dogs - or what you and I simply refer to as dogs - are believed to have evolved from the grey wolf around
Liverpool have denied reports Mario Balotelli was substituted during a behind-closed-doors friendly with Wolves after he
A Wolves fan who received a club shirt with an upside down logo could have no complaints after the club's amusing response
The declining numbers of large carnivores is having a hugely damaging effect on the globe’s ecosystems, according to new
Not to want to see these wolves dead is ultimately to want to see them returned to captivity and a life sentence of imprisonment. Those protestors are as guilty of animal cruelty as the zoo keepers themselves who exploit animals for human pleasure in the first place.
The debate over when wolves, the ancestors of modern dogs, were first domesticated by man has raged for decades, with modern
Okay, to clear things up, I'm by no means suggesting that the following seven clubs get automatic admission to the top-flight. In fact, the teams that are in the Premier League, deserve to be there... obviously. So to the likes of Hull City, Swansea City, Cardiff City, Crystal Palace and beyond, congratulations you merit your position. This is just, if I had to start the Premier League from scratch, who I would choose to be the additional founding members.
Every football fan relishes the appearance of a local derby on the fixture list. It makes the game just that more exciting. But, locality is not the only reason that rivalry erupts in the beautiful game. Here are just seven examples of when feuds have spilled over between two seemingly unrelated clubs....