Women In Politics

A rainbow collection of Margaret Thatcher’s 1970s power suits is expected to sell for thousands of pounds at auction on Monday
Home secretary Theresa May, the most senior woman in government and Treasury minister Chloe Smith were among the guests at
The capital city's four million women residents are more likely to live in poverty, experience a wider pay gap, and are less likely to work once they have children than women living elsewhere. In fact, London has the lowest level of maternal employment in the country: just over half of the city's mothers with dependent children work - compared to almost two thirds across the UK.
Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has been voted the likeliest candidate to be the next female prime minister. This was
Meryl Streep's performance is outstanding -- definitely Oscar-worthy -- and as a portrayal of a mentally decaying woman, it is truly touching. But this could be the crux of the problem I have with The Iron Lady.
Tory MP Louise Mensch has insisted she was joking when she complained in an interview about not having been promoted by the
Last year's general election saw the number of ethnic minority MPs double from 14 to 27, with Priti Patel becoming the Conservative
90 years after women first got the vote, men outnumber women 4 to 1 in Parliament. It's not just the lack of women in politics generally that's concerning, it's also their virtual absence in the higher echelons of government.
Mary Portas has called the female members of the cabinet 'an ugly bunch' in a recent interview, announcing that if she was
On Saturday the 17th September, the Liberal Democrat conference passed a motion on the reform of the House of Lords. One of the amendments in particular is very relevant to increasing the numbers of women the UK Houses of Parliament.