Read more on The Huffington Post Millions will gather today and over the weekend to remember members of the armed forces
On Sunday, Britons will pause to remember the millions of men and women who have given their lives serving their country
The FA is looking at what will happen if they go ahead without permission.
The Sun quoted Falklands War veteran Simon Weston as saying: “The FAs of both ­Scotland and England should stand up and be
Young men handed out cards detailing names and ages of soldiers who died in the bloody battle.
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Whatever food or drink was available it had to be consumed in a world where the likelihood of enjoying any future meals was determined by factors that extended way beyond mere issues of supply. As one of Perriman's hungry soldiers said to him on receiving the miniscule rations for that day in July, 'Say, Sarge, the buggers don't intend us to die on a full stomach, do they?'
Friday 1 July marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of the Somme, one of the bloodiest battles in history