Personally, what I find extremely therapeutic about hot yoga is the ability of the body to stretch without strain. A good warm-up is still essential so each class starts with sun salutations to limber up and build extra heat.
All of this bliss happened just a few weeks ago but it feels like ages away. That's what London's weather in November does to you - my sunny and humid memories have been washed off by the rain pretty much immediately upon arrival (thank God I've got the photos).
Those who meditate regularly have lower stress levels and blood pressure and stronger immune function and brainpower than
Yoga may be the answer for people disabled by chronic lower back pain, research suggests. Patients taught the ancient Eastern
When my kids were little, I was always amazed at how the day could swiftly morph into something totally different from what I'd expected...
After your holiday there is always much to do when you return. Whether it will be bills to pay, overtime to catch up on or getting stuck into the housework again.
I think actually this is just our subconscious playing avoidance tactics with us; always striving to find happiness outside of ourselves, not wanting to have to look closer to home and realise that all the answers lie within us (there's a famous quote there somewhere!).
If you are not familiar with Ayurveda, the elements and doshas here is a very quick introduction: Ayurveda - and Yoga - believes everything is made out of five elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.
With autumn approaching, it is time to take action against the common cold. Hot Yoga 1, Nasty Cold 0...
I'd like to point out to my mum, future employers or yoga students that I haven't ever smoked crack. However, I understand it's the most addictive drug on the planet. While everyone bleats on about yoga being good for you, I'd like to admit I struggle to keep my yoga habit under control.