young women

'When it comes to the nation’s mental health, the time to act is now.'
In the UK, young women are the most affected by common mental health issues, according to new statistics released by NHS
We cannot waste our chance. We cannot wake up on June 24th to a broken Europe. We must stand united against the racist rhetoric and lack of alternatives the 'Leave' campaign poses. We must vote YES to remain in a united, peaceful Europe.
Thanks to The Young Women's Trust and the Good Youth Forum funded by Trust For London, I had the opportunity to have a tour of the Houses of Parliament in May and then a round table discussion with Labour MP's. It was part of a piece of work around the development of services for women and girls and why young people don't vote.
If someone is economically inactive it means they're not in employment, education or training. They have not been actively seeking work in the last four weeks and they are not able to start work in the next two weeks. Both men and women can be economically inactive, obviously, but here I'm going to talk about women.
Last week I received an invitation to an event to celebrate an anniversary. It is 150 years since the Women's Suffrage Committee, formed by Barbara Bodichon, collected 1500 signatures on a petition for women's suffrage in 1866. This was presented to the House of Commons by John Stuart Mill, the philosopher, political economist and Member of Parliament.
My OCD became worse when I was around people. So I spent a lot my life escaping into an imaginary world. My art allowed me to concoct a whole new universe without fear, without anxiety. Even now, painting allows me to breath and for the self-doubt to stop.
Lizzie Bailey will never dance again. Using a wheelchair and reliant on a feeding tube, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome leaves her
And businesses are losing talented employees before they've even begun their careers.