01/02/2017 09:13 GMT | Updated 02/02/2018 05:12 GMT

Democracy Is Dead - Long Live The Anarchy

Unless we do something about it.

What are you doing right now? Like, right this very second? Whatever it is, listen quickly. I'm already wasting time.

Trump is president of the United States. May is taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union. Many people didn't vote for either; didn't ask for these things and must now accept it or be attacked for not accepting 'democracy'. Worse things will be happening soon but you can make a stand.

In the most recent days, there has been a rather prevalent message on my Twitter newsfeed that I think can offer us some light in these dire times:

And that's just it. You have so many gifts and talents that many others don't. You might be an binman; a secretary or even a bus driver. Either way, your thoughts matter. Your opinions matter. You have been born with an insight into this world that many don't have a chance to expand upon. You have this chance to act. Whatever you're doing is whatever you would've done.

What is it you believe in? Do you believe in Liberty? Do you believe in Equality? Do you believe that Swindon FC will win the FA Cup? Leicester managed it. Anything is possible.

But what does Liberty and Equality even mean any more? Remember that Liberty means the freedom of any being to do as they wish as long as that being does not harm others. Remember that equality means that all men, women and children are equal; human beings; flesh and blood; we are the same.

I hear you ask, how can I help? What can I do? First and always, be kind. Help others. Stand up to inequality and be brave. Remember that 'courage isn't about not being scared. It's doing what you have to do whilst being scared that shows courage.'

Secondly, stay safe. Rushing into things doesn't always help. Be patient. Look at the world around you. Who are the people in the queue behind you waiting for the bus? What is the name of your postman? Take your time.

Finally, be creative. Join a protest march. If there isn't one, make one. Organise a 24 hour knit-in. Host a surf-n-turf awareness party. Petition the government, your MP, your friends to be brave enough to stand up to inequality. Share facebook posts that help others. The time for 'me' is over. Think about what you can do for others. Whatever you're doing is what you would've done. So when your children and grandchildren ask what did you do when the world came crashing down, you can say; 'I helped to save it.'