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Have We Lost Sight of the Importance of Wellbeing?

If you're feeling run down, under pressure or just want to boost your sense of wellbeing, here are my top tips...

Wellbeing is defined as "a state of being well, happy or prosperous".

Surely then, achieving a good sense of wellbeing is what we are all aiming to achieve in life?

Whilst we might have embarked on our adult lives with the ultimate aim of being well, happy and prosperous, often a pile of unpaid utility bills, missed deadlines at the office and the demands of screaming children can mean we lose sight of this goal - or perhaps we don't appreciate that we may be very close to achieving it.

Many people associate wellbeing with good health, and this is indeed important. However, there are also other aspects of our lives that need to be considered when defining wellbeing, such as social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and different people attribute more importance to some of these areas than others.

Wellbeing differs for each individual, but it is about finding a balance or a happy medium of all the contributing wellbeing categories. Much used phrases are relevant here, such as "everything in moderation" and also "money can't buy happiness".

If you're feeling run down, under pressure or just want to boost your sense of wellbeing, here are my top tips:

Book a massage

During a massage our bodies release pent up tension and we fall into a state of deep relaxation, which can help overcome long-standing emotional turmoil and stress.

It's also a great way to improve circulation & digestion, stimulate the mind and relieve neck and shoulder pain. In fact, having a massage can have the same relaxing effect as a two week holiday!

Switch to natural skin care products

A stressful and busy lifestyle can leave us feeling run down and exacerbate skin conditions so choose skin and body care products that contain only natural ingredients which are gentle on the skin, and avoid mineral oils and artificial fragrances, which can irritate the skin further.

Especially look for products containing aromatherapeutic essential oils as the aroma and benefits of these ingredients can provide you with the extra energy you need in the morning (lemon and peppermint essential oils) as well as having a calming and relaxing influence at night (lavender essential oil).

Pampering yourself on the outside makes you feel better on the inside.

Make time for you

Whether it's having a hot bath once or twice a week, reading a chapter of a good book every night or going to the gym, make some time for yourself during the week when you won't feel hassled.


If exercise feels like an extra chore that you don't have time to do, then you need to take a new approach by finding something you enjoy and which works around your other commitments.

It might be as simple as getting off the bus a few stops earlier on the way to work, or perhaps you can commit to doing something active with the kids every weekend, whether that's frisbee in the park, a walk in a local nature reserve or even mountain biking! Just find something you enjoy doing and do it regularly, you'll reap the benefits.

Say no!

If you're guilty of saying yes to everything and taking on too much, then you won't have time to do any of the things above... so learn how to say no!