23/06/2016 06:37 BST | Updated 20/06/2017 06:12 BST

Meanwhile 7 in 10 Students Want to STAY in the EU

Political engagement finally looks to be peaking among British students, with overriding Brexit fears likely to propel the majority to the polls on June 23rd.

A poll carried out by Save the Student this week reveals an unprecedented 94% of students have registered to vote, with 71% saying they've already made up their mind to vote 'remain'. Just under a fifth would prefer to leave, with the rest still undecided or not voting at all.

More than half (61%) of those surveyed think they'll be financially worse off if we leave the EU, with comments explaining:

Students of our generation already have enough set against us, we don't need racist irrational members of the older generation voting out on a whim which will ultimately make little difference to their lives, but could seriously damage our own.

As a student the EU will give me more financial aid on my year abroad (Erasmus funding) than our government has for my years studying in Britain.

Brexit student views

Words used by students in the survey

Despite what could be a fantastic student turnout next week, just 11% think the two campaign camps have been clear and fair:

I think it's ridiculous that both sides can get away with confusing the public so much and not giving clear, truthful, honest and fair answers to something which will heavily effect everyone.

The lack of clarity may explain why so many students don't feel positive about the outcome - 88% said they were concerned by the outcome either way.

Students are clearly very worried about the Referendum, and with good reason. They've been saddled with substantial debts for degrees, with the promise of better jobs in a strong economy. Uncertainty, particularly around leaving the EU, has compounded anxiety along with the fear-mongering and confusing talk from politicians.

It's important for everyone (not just students) to cut through the noise and understand the facts before deciding whether to vote leave or remain. But whatever you do, make sure your voice gets heard - vote on June 23rd.

See the About My Vote website for more information on how to vote.