David Cameron, I've Got You by the Ed Balls!

As an economist, an advocate of free market economics, a Conservative and a patriot I have been shocked and appalled by the unpatriotic and treacherous strategy pursued by this Conservative Party.

"Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest" - Benjamin Franklin

I tell you in all candor, when it becomes acceptable and the norm to do or say things to deliberately hurt the countries economy and it is no longer considered an act of treachery against the state, then we should all fear for future of our children and the next generation.

As an economist, an advocate of free market economics, a Conservative and a patriot I have been shocked and appalled by the unpatriotic and treacherous strategy pursued by this Conservative Party.

Instead of acting patriotically by standing up for the countries economy and expressing confidence in it, they have acted treacherously against the countries best interest via falsely knocking down the economy (the blame game) in a calculated manner on every media occasion since 2008. They have done this by gross misinformation and exaggeration of the real state of the economy prior to 2010 - even to The City and at Davos to international bankers.

We elect our MP's expecting them to act in our best interest, the economy and our country. We do not expect them to act like traitors and do things deliberately to harm and hurt the countries economy and the people.

Ignorance is no excuse as all politicians the world over know that talking down the economy is a sure fire way to crush consumer and business confidence to cause a serious slump and hurt the country and its people. Hence, they always do the patriotic thing by standing up for their economies by expressing confidence, down playing any economic concerns and at best put things in context to calm people, business and the markets. Even past Conservative leaders like Baroness Thatcher and John Major were not ignorant of this economic fact. It's funny then, that George Osborne showed no such ignorance when he recently said: "We should all choose our words carefully when we're talking about the Greek economy"

By telling people the UK faces an economic tsunami, we have the biggest debt and deficit in the world and we'll end up like Greece, has created climate of fear, the expectancy of a severe recession, wage cuts and loss of jobs. As a result of these messages, consumers have reduced their spending. Consequently, businesses have been hit hard at the tills. As result, they have halted their investments and laid of workers- leading to what Keynes calls a Paradox of Thrift. Where by we all reduce our spending at the same time resulting in a deep slump and further exacerbation of the deficit and debt. Economic history shows that austerity at a time of recession has never worked and it always shrinks the economy via job losses, which means less people spending which, results in further job losses and even less spending. This cause and effect of job losses leads to a downward spiral of the economy - hence it is self defeating. Ask yourself this question:

Have you ever heard of a unemployed man paying of his debt?

The transparency of this strategy becomes obvious when we consider how the Cameron conveniently forgets Norman Lamont successful strategy in the early 1990's recession. He quite rightly said: to give the economy the opportunity to recover he would not start cutting straight away. In other words, the right time for austerity is after the recovery. Note also Norman Lamont at the time faced a record deficit of 8% which was higher than that of 2010 of 7.6%. Even more surprisingly, his special adviser at the time was yours truly David Cameron.

Even though other economic commentators have spoken about the ulterior motive of Cameron's strategy, he is lucky that the man on the street can't see how talking down the economy is unpatriotic and act of treachery against the country because it destroys confidence and creates fear and uncertainty which results in a down turn.

If they could it would mark the end of the Conservative Party. For who in their right mind would support a unpatriotic party and a party of traitors. As a Conservative I hope it does not become apparent.

I tell you in all candor this blame game is designed deliberately to prolong and deepen the recession to justify austerity. Hence, providing the justification for a smaller state and future lower taxes. Laudable policy objectives if argued for honestly and positively- not sold via fear and threat of avoiding a false Greek tragedy.

Mark my words, as 2015 looms near the frequency of the blame game will increase. Which means they will talk us all into a self fulfilling prophecy of a real Greek tragedy, the destruction of our economy and the destruction of millions of lives. The question we need to ask is: Is tribal loyalty worth the sacrifice of ruining the life chances of countries children and the next generation via a third and final dip in the economy leading us all in to a Greek scenario?

The Conservative Party have to be careful as it could lead to the country labelling us as traitors for deliberately talking down the economy. If they do, it will be the end of our party for a few generations.

The only way to stop the Coalition talking us into Greek disaster. That is to do the patriotic thing and that is: expose this underhanded strategy. Which, will have the effect of Coalition MPs considering their seats in the next election. Now everyone knows that nothing concentrates the mind more than the loss of ones job. So I urge you now to share this via text, Twitter and Facebook etc etc.

In Part 2 I completely expose once and for all three 3 claims made via the blame game and including video evidence exposing the deficit debt lies.

Finally, take note of Douglas MacArthur who warns against politicians use the veil of a national crises. He said:

"Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear and uncertainty - kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor - with the cry of national crises"


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