Obesity Is Normal Says Chief Medical Officer But Don't Panic, Brown Owl Is on the Case!

Dame Sally Davies said that too many people ignore the problem of obesity and view the fact that many of their friends and neighbours being very big people as quite acceptable. What incredible insight this woman must have!

Obesity is becoming the 'norm' in society, England's Chief Medical Officer has warned in her annual report on the state of the nation's health.

Dame Sally Davies said that too many people ignore the problem of obesity and view the fact that many of their friends and neighbours being very big people as quite acceptable. What incredible insight this woman must have! She went on to say that too many parents (77%)of obese children aren't even aware that their child is overweight! She added; "I am increasingly concerned that society may be normalising overweight people (You don't say?) with larger mannequins being introduced into clothes shops; 'size inflation' means that clothes with the same size label have become larger in recent decades; and news stories about overweight often feature pictures of severely obese people, which are unrepresentative of the majority of the overweight population." When asked on Radio Four on Wednesday 27th March whether it was right and proper that there was an increase in fast food outlets being opened near schools she replied, "Local authorities need to think twice before granting these licenses"

Oh really Dame Davies? So you prefer empty retail units next to schools do you?-because that's what you will have if burger bars and fish shops are refused permission to trade. National and local authorities long ago sold out to big supermarkets and food companies allowing more huge hypermarkets nationwide which in turn put thousands of small local family owned butchers, grocers and bakeries out of business. People no longer care about the quality of foods only that they are cheap, pre-prepared and sold in large portions and preferably within spitting distance of where they live! This dire situation is likely to continue growing worse as the big name supermarkets push ever more to broaden their range of products regularly in their greed for bigger and BIGGER market share of ALL retail, branching into clothing, DVD's, Computers, school uniforms , DIY products, etc, etc, ad infinitum. That's the main reason no new hospitals or schools are being built. You cast your bread upon the waters so the saying goes. Still, on a slightly more amusing note, the Girl Guides in the UK has launched its first "body confidence" badge in response to what it says is a crisis in how girls perceive themselves. The charity believes girls are under intense pressure to look a certain way and hopes courses designed to unmask beauty myths, expose airbrushing and challenge unhealthy body talk will boost their confidence. Girls who are not worried about their figure and wear no makeup will be awarded a "free being me" badge if they can show that they have taken up the mantle and worked on spreading the message in their schools and communities. They could potentially combine this new 'skill' with other talents they already possess by making a fire by rubbing two members of Girls Aloud together!

The fact is that children are being put at risk of developing illnesses including diabetes, asthma, musculoskeletal problems and heart disease due to lack of exercise and poor nutrition and it's an economic problem. The majority of the kids suffering the most poor upbringing (neglect) probably don't have parents too crazy about taking them to the Girl guides, Scouts or Boys Brigade-not while Corrie's on followed by anorexics on ice. More needs to be done in inner city areas to teach kids that looking like Posh Spice really shouldn't matter but that being healthy and strong is important but this message has never been made clear-end of story. I was visiting schools 20 years ago to teach about nutrition but I only got asked to do each school around every 3 years-obese teachers and parents wanted to see me and my fit looking staff about as much as they did the Dentist!. The whole idea of inviting a 'Health and Fitness Man' to talk to the kid's was pure political window dressing then and still is today. Regular classes about the dangers of junk food and overuse of prescription drugs along with continuously new and stimulating ideas on exercise should have long ago been incorporated into the national curriculum. For many young people it may already be too late to change attitudes and minds to what they put in their mouths but what about the new generations? Over to you Brown Owl-I mean Dame Sally!!

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