13/02/2014 06:56 GMT | Updated 14/04/2014 06:59 BST

Judgement Day!

What an amazing day and an amazing lesson for me on judgements.... I have another story...

Ive been looking for a room to use to work with clients and run workshops near Swiss Cottage.

I found somewhere online, but when I called and spoke to a lady called Mildred, I was a little bit apprehensive hearing that she was 97 years old. I wondered what the space would be like on the basis of her age, and made judgements about how she might respond to me working at 34, as a life coach.

The reason I am writing this post, is because having now met Mildred, I am totally humbled by her. She was nothing like I expected, and neither was the room.

Mildred was vibrant. She was wearing bright colours, a beautiful smile, and looked 20 years younger than she was. She was warm, and welcoming, and so was her space. Like her, the outside of the building was a little old, and run down, but inside, the charm, character, and love, was apparent and beaming.

She has written 10 books. Was partly responsible for the ban of using physical force in schools, and is the most remarkable woman. She loves having groups in her space, and was excited at the thought of me helping people there. She has a social life as active as me and goes to a monthly meet up group called 'growing old disgracefully'!.

The lady is amazing. Unlike me, she didn't judge me at all.

Before I left I asked her what her secret was, she answered 'I love life', so I asked her 'why?'. Her reply?

'Quite simply, the alternative doesn't sound very pleasant' she said. I had to smile. :)

What a wonderful way to look at life at 97 years old and what a massive lesson for me, to learn not to judge others.

How many of you can honestly say that you love life?

Mildred has given her life a purpose. She has made a difference, and now, she fills her life up with the things that make her smile and fill her life with joy.

Her reason?

'Nothing else, means very much really. Its your memories you take with you when you go. The experiences, that make you smile, the love, that makes you feel alive.'

I hope everyone reading this post manages a smile, and considers, her last quote.

Life is like a memory box. You choose what you put in, you choose what you take out. Are you going to fill it with things that make you smile, or things that make you sad?

Its only you who can decide that, and its only you, who can make the changes. Life isn't waiting for you to start, but it is waiting for you to embrace it.

Have a beautiful day xx