27/06/2016 06:53 BST | Updated 28/06/2017 06:12 BST

A Letter From the Other Side: What It's Like to Be Part of the 48%

On Thursday the 23rd June, 2016, people of Great Britain voted in their millions on whether the nation should remain or leave the European Union. The debate and strength of campaign from both sides, things said and done, and the overwhelming engagement of so many people is something which has marked the face of history; no matter the result.

On Friday the 24th June, 2016, The results of polls showed a majority of 52.9% of people voted to leave the EU. People who were threatened by immigration, people who believe that we are stronger alone, people who looked to the flaws in an age old system to make a life-changing decision.

We have seen so much fear mongering and so much hate with regards to Remain, with the Leave campaign having so much to say. And now that they have exactly what they wanted, let us speak now.

I am part of the 48.2% that voted Remain. I voted for security, safety, and prospects. I voted that it's better to overlook the flaws within a system that has benefited us so much, than to turn our backs in fear. I voted for my future as a new graduate, which is uncertain enough as it is. I voted for my little sister's right to travel the world, and my own right to be an adult under the safety blanket of a powerful establishment preceding everything I know. I was taught that don't run away when we are scared, we stand up and fight. And the Britain that has ran away from the EU is not a Great one at all.

To those who voted Leave with fears over immigration - our jobs do not get 'taken'. 'Our' jobs don't belong to those who refuse to go out and work for them. Be that British or otherwise. I am part of the 48.2%, and I realise that the British work ethic is simply not enough alone to fuel our nation; myself included.

To those who voted Leave in hopes of more money for the NHS - We didn't even have £350 million for the EU, how are we going to now have that for our own use?

I am proud to be part of the 48.2%. I am proud to stand up for what I believe in, and I'm proud to be part of an age demographic in which the majority voted Remain. I am passionate enough to fight the opinions of those who don't agree with me, and to hope for more than what we have been left with in 2016. I believe in the EU, and I believe we can choose to overcome. This is what it's like in the 48.2%.