17/06/2016 11:26 BST | Updated 15/06/2017 06:12 BST

#DontF*ckMyFuture and the Value of Your Voice: Why your vote matters, whichever way it is.

Kiera Knightley's recent Referendum campaign sees the star comparing the time it takes to vote, to the time she takes practicing her award show faces. While this fresh take on the EU debate may seem ineffective, what most of us may not realise is the succint nature in the which she puts the real issue into perspective; without promoting a right or wrong stance.

In the video, Knightley explains the voting system by stating 'it takes five seconds' to put a cross in a box. That is it. A thirty second clip explaining that a vote will take us five seconds. However, what she is actually doing is exposing the major issue in the younger generation during this campaign; in that its not the nature of the vote, but the action of voting that is the real concern. In a generation of dissociated teens with no vested interest in politics, what this campaign really does is summarise the issue at hand: my generation is so disaffected with the political system that many will miss out on having their say in one of the biggest decisions in British history.

As a history graduate, I fully recognise the importance of the EU debate. I know that this is a momentous decision to be made, and a decision that every single citizen deserves a say in. However, I also know that most of those with strong opinions about the Referendum probably have no intention of letting their voice be heard, or their vote be counted. And that is the terrible truth of the young and disaffected.

While the older generation are more than likely to place their votes, the reality is that the outcome of the EU Referendum is a future that is not theirs to decide on; while those who will be most affected will not set foot in a polling station come June 23rd.

I know my vote, and I know that my role in the process is just as important as anyone else's. But are you willing to let someone else have a say in your future?

Whether you vote in or out is no longer relevant. However, it is the decision not to make your voice heard that will, as Keira Knightley says, f*ck your future.

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