Why Are The US Elections So Sexy?

I have always had a bit of an addiction to American politics. Currently I am a complete Obama fan girl. I am never totally sure if I am more in love with Barack or Michelle though.

I have always had a bit of an addiction to American politics. Currently I am a complete Obama fan girl. I am never totally sure if I am more in love with Barack or Michelle though.

Let's face it American politics is sexy, it is bitchy and it is wild. Where else would you see a former President getting toddler-like enjoyment from bouncing balloons around - whilst Hilary tries not to roll her eyes (ladies we've all been there).

My obsession with American politics started during the George W. Bush era. I was intrigued by the tight presidential contest between him and Al Gore in the year 2000. Then in the intervening four years I realised what an absolute IDIOT George Dubya was!

By the time he was re-elected in 2004 I absolutely hated him. I strongly remember buying the Daily Mirror newspaper the day after the election.

I am pretty sure I still have that front page somewhere - at the time I fully intended on framing it!

In the months after that particular election I was horrified to find out that my new boyfriend (at the time) had some American blood in him. Bush properly tainted my opinion of all Americans.

My Dad also claims that I could easily have been kicked out of the US at passport control because I decided it was a good time to have a ranty moment about what a moron Bush was.

Though it was a lovely holiday I did roll my eyes at anyone with an American sounding accent that said anything mildly stupid. In hindsight I apologise - blame my twatishness on George W. Bush.

It goes without saying really, but obviously I can't vote in US elections! However if I could, I think I would now be realising that to compared to a certain Mr Trump, George W. Bush was a relatively capable president.

Bet you're impressed I got this far into this blog without mentioning THE DONALD!

He can be summed up in the words of the great Barack Obama, Trump is 'uniquely unqualified to be president'.

So you are probably wondering why I have wittered on for god knows how many words about a political system which will have a relatively miniscule impact on my life.

Why, like so many others in the UK, am I so fascinated with it?

I've come to the conclusion that the American political system is simply more interesting and engaging than ours. On the downside it is also more bitchy and hysterical!

But what positive points can the UK political system take on board from it - to encourage voter interest and turn out.

Could increased "celebrity" involvement in UK elections get more voters involved?

Can you imagine Teresa May's warm up act being Little Mix? Just like Hilary Clinton has had a scantily clad Katy Perry and J-Lo on the campaign trail with her (and all those balloons Bill loves so much).

The UK political system does seem to have taken on board that the Americans are doing something right, adopting their idea of debates in the run up to the last two elections and the Brexit vote.

This has made voters feel more involved with politics. Our social media addiction means that we want to share what we think about the politicians involved.

It's like everything really, there are points to take on board and ones to completely ignore!

I hope you are enjoying the OTT US election coverage as much as I am. I'll be tweeting about it over the coming days so please feel free to send any inspirational Barack Obama quotes or Donald Trump jokes my way - @SuffolkSuzi

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