George W Bush

"I miss killing Iraqis," tweeted the fake George W. Bush account as a critique on Elon Musk's £7-a-month verification process.
Former President George W. Bush dropped a clanger for the ages when he accidentally criticized the man who launched the “brutal invasion of Iraq” … himself.
The figure at Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks in San Antonio had "deep" scratches after repeated attacks by visitors.
With Donald Trump declaring presidential election victory despite the fact votes are still being counted, could 2020 be a repeat of the infamous George W. Bush versus Al Gore drama? Back in 2000, a recount dispute was settled by the United States Supreme Court, and Bush was eventually declared the winner 36 days after the election. With the race still tight between Trump and Biden, we look at how the legal battle could play out.
David Frum warned Americans to "be ready for more" if Trump wins the 2020 election.
“What will happen in July is entirely Trump’s fault,” David Frum argued.
"We can only see the reality of America’s need by seeing it through the eyes of the threatened, oppressed, and disenfranchised," the 43rd president said.
The comedian happened to be at an American football game with George W. Bush the same weekend she did not attend the party.
Making an appearance at Game 5 of the World Series in Washington D.C. President Donald Trump was jeered by the fans in the stadium.
The US chat show host and comedian insists she has the right to be friends with people with opposing political views.