09/01/2015 07:28 GMT | Updated 10/03/2015 05:59 GMT

New Year, New 'Skinnier' You

New Year. New you?

If you didn't want to exercise last year, you most probably won't want to this year. But, if you plan to be upset about the lack of results from the hard work you didn't do. It's time to make a change.

I'm a big advocate of positive body image; 'It's hard out there for a Bitc'...woman. We're constantly bombarded with messages subliminal and overt fuelling what Amy Poehler calls the self-esteem 'demon' that chips away at your vulnerabilities convincing you that you're too fat, too thin or your boobs are a bit crap.

It's time to punch the demon in the face and focus on the things you do like about yourself. As for the things you want to change, decide what you want and make a plan of action. It's important at this point to note that if your body is not meant to, you will not have a thigh gap, without the aid of serious malnourishment and you can't drop 10lbs in five days, unless you plan on losing a limb. If you want results, you've come to the right place, but I won't lie to you they'll be some sweating involved and some serious sidestepping of sugary treats.

My delivery is direct, but it's only because I care. To kick things off here are some REAL top tips for a healthier 2015:

Put the fork down

Seriously, when you're full, put the fork down and back away from the plate, whether you have one mouthful left or half a plate. Try to be real with yourself when it comes to what you're putting in your face and the quantity. Do you eat enough fruit and vegetables? Do processed foods feature a lot in your diet? Is your chocolate and biscuit consumption slightly out of control?

You can't out train a bad diet because at some point, that extra doughnut and Type 2 Diabetes will catch up with you. I'm not saying you can't have the occasional treat, but if you do, as RuPaul says; 'You better Werk!'

Move yo' ass

Whether it's walking, running, lifting weights, dancing or Barre class, to burn fat, tone up and keep your heart healthy you need to exercise.

Celebrities with smoking hot bodies didn't get that way by accident, they have a team of nutritionists, chefs and personal trainers to help them, that aside, they work hard and smart. They find exercises they like or tolerate doing and when they step into that session, they go for it.

There are tons of ways to get fit, for all abilities, body types and energy levels and if you search you'll find something you like or mildly tolerate just enough to commit to it for the sake of your health/dropping a dress size.

Be real with yourself

It's time to let go of the things you will never have, work on enhancing your best features and what is realistically achievable. Exercise and healthy eating programmes will not make your legs grow as long as a supermodel's. If you don't have the aforementioned private chef, round the clock childcare, lots of free time and you aren't paid to look good for movies, you will not become Gwyneth Paltrow, Rihanna and (insert any other celeb name of your choosing here). Whilst there are elements of nature that contribute to the way a lot of celebs look, remember the makeup, airbrushing and mammoth amounts of styling to achieve these results.

Just try to be your best self. You'll drive yourself mad comparing yourself to people whose lives are completely different from your own.

There are lots of ways to get fit and healthy, which also means there's nothing to stop you reaching your goals. Throughout 2015 I'll be exploring '101 Ways to Lose Weight', get fit and stay fit, so keep a lookout for post and updates. I'll review classes, gadgets, diets plans and share top tips from nutritionists, celebrity trainers, doctors and much more.

Happy New Year and good luck putting the fork down, moving yo' ass and being real with yourself.