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How to Comfort People with Broken Hearts

1, Go find person

(tip - often found hiding in their home)

2, Take supplies to person

(tip - tissues, soft blanket, plump pillows, chocolate, movies, drinks)

3, Make person a nest - with pillows and squishy blanket

4, Lead person to the nest and make them feel cosy

5, Sit with person in the nest and allow them to talk/cry/sob/scream/rant/hug/sleep/laugh/chat

6, Reassure the person that you will care and listen to them for as long as needed

(tip - don't feel you need to say anything whilst the person is sharing, just listening is enough)

7, Feed person nice food and drinks

8, Repeat the above list often until person can face the world

(most importantly - stay in regular contact, broken hearted people do not need 'space' they need love and support)

Zoe Clark-Coates is one of the founders and CEO's of the Mariposa Trust. The Saying Goodbye division offers support and national remembrance services for anyone who has lost a baby at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or in early years.

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