If you're unable to work from home but need to self-isolate, you can get an "isolation note" to send to your employer that will explain your absence.
A child is among five Britons diagnosed with coronavirus while staying at a ski resort in France.
Do you call, text or email? And how much detail do you give?
The English Institute of Sport released guidance for athletes, ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics – but the tips are handy for us, too.
The government has launched a new five-year plan to deal with antibiotic resistance.
'Prosecution for drug use often amounts to criminalising the illness of addiction. Far from being a solution, the criminal justice system exacerbates the problem.'
Bacteria are very clever. Resistance to drugs can be acquired by sharing mobile genetic units (called plasmids) between bacteria; this is known as "horizontal' evolution. When resistant bugs are in the hospital where you are getting treatment, it is therefore very easy for them share resistance genes.
My backstory is everything from the moment I was born to now, this moment, writing this blog. I, all of us, carry our backstories