15/07/2014 13:56 BST | Updated 16/07/2014 14:59 BST

Reshuffle 2014: 6 Graphs That Show How Out Of Touch Cameron's New Cabinet Is

British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks during a media conference after an EU summit in Brussels on Friday, June 27, 2014. European Union leaders have nominated former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker to become the 28-nation bloc’s new chief executive. Juncker’s nomination is breaking with a decades-old tradition of choosing the Commission president by consensus because Britain opposed him. (AP Photo/Yves Logghe)

David Cameron has shaken up his top team with his last cabinet reshuffle before the 2015 general election, which was heavily trumpeted as a move to stop the cabinet looking "pale, male and stale".

But how does it really look? HuffPost UK puts Cameron's new cabinet ministers under the microscope.

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Male vs. Female

Cameron may boast that he has doubled the proportion of women as full cabinet ministers, but it is starting from a low base. With the promotion of Nicky Morgan, Elizabeth Truss and Baroness Stowell, the number has risen from three to six.

This means however, that the six women are still significantly outnumbered by the 17 men in cabinet. The imbalance means that women make up just over one in four (26%) of the 23 cabinet ministers. For the record, just over half (52%) of Britain's population is female.

White vs Non-White

Cameron's cabinet reshuffle saw many white men leaving government, with other white men replacing them. The only non-white cabinet minister is culture secretary Sajid Javid, who is of Pakistani heritage, meaning that the cabinet is 96% white.

By contrast, according to the Office for National Statistics, nearly 15% of people in England and Wales are from an ethnic minority.

Heterosexual vs Homosexual

There are still no openly gay people in cabinet, whereas Whitehall estimated in 2006 that as much a 6% of the UK population were openly gay.

Comprehensive vs Non-Comprehensive

How about their schooling? Are there fewer private schoolboys in Cameron's cabinet? It emerges that just 8 went to comprehensive schools (35%), while 15 went to grammar and private schools - so 35% of the cabinet are comprehensively educated compared to 90% of Britain's children.

Oxbridge vs Non-Oxbridge

David Cameron (Brasenose College, Oxford) has long fought against jibes that his cabinet was full of fellow Oxbridge graduates, so what has he done to correct that?

Cameron's cabinet is still dominated by Oxbridge graduates, at 14 out of 23 (60%), but the number of non-Oxbridge educated cabinet ministers has been boosted by the likes of Baroness Stowell (Broxtowe College of Further Education) and Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb (Bristol University).

Beards vs Non-Beards

Finally, thanks to Crabb, the cabinet has its first bearded Tory minister since the 4th Earl of Onslow, president of the Board of Agriculture, in 1905.

This is just the start of a much needed balancing in the cabinet for bearded members, as the rest of Dave's team (96%) have forsaken any facial hair.

Prime Minister David Cameron Announces His New Cabinet