Women In Politics

"I was not prepared to deal with predatory behaviour ranging from overt assault to casual verbal misogyny, writes Barbara Buono.
Is there no limit to what rich white guys can get away with? Emily Peck writes.
My advice to all women, young and older? Do not let life events get in the way of your ambitions, your aspirations
Equality in the Westminster workplace is key to ensure equality for all
The UK has never achieved gender balance in politics
Politics is about people. Our Parliament should therefore reflect the people we serve. This is why encouraging women to enter the worthwhile and exciting world of politics is so important. Sadly, many women simply do not believe that entering politics is an option for them.
At least there's something to be happy about.
The aftermath of the 2017 General Election might be far from strong or indeed stable, but the results did bring some good
So we have made some modest progress up from 30% to 32% women MPs and have broken through the 200 barrier, which at first glance, feels significant. But hang on a minute: at current rates of progress it will take another 45 years to achieve 50:50 representation. I don't know about you, but I feel a bit like a broken record with this issue, repeatedly saying we need to speed up the pace of change.