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George Chondrakis

George is an Oxford PhD student

George Chondrakis is a doctoral candidate at the Said Business School of the University of Oxford. His research is focusing on the strategic management of intellectual property but he also enjoys analysing current affairs through the lenses of economic theory.

Before moving to the UK, he spent most of his time in Athens and in the island of Crete where he grew up. This has profoundly shaped his personality: he uses excessive amounts of olive oil and does not understand why anyone should work in August.

Europe's Blame Game

These are sad times for Europe. Three countries, Greece, Portugal and Ireland, are now dependent on external financing in order to repay their debt liabilities while Spain and Italy are widely muted to follow suit. Together they constitute more than 25% of the EU's GDP. The stakes are high.
17/11/2011 15:54 GMT