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Gina Miller

Businesswoman and Transparency Activist

Businesswoman and Transparency Activist

Time to Reflect and Refocus

Last week was a very depressing one with several alarming revelations related to the state of British society.
25/11/2013 16:52 GMT

Ripped-Off Investment Britain

Imaging sitting with friends on a relaxed night out and asking if any of them want to keep working until they're 70: there will be a purveying glumness and descent into depression at the thought. However, this is the reality facing many people today in the UK, with statistics showing that less than half the population (48%) are actively saving for retirement.
05/06/2013 15:06 BST

A Voice for Victims: Why Funders Should Support the Fight Against Modern Day Slavery

She had not been given a day off in three years and her employers had taken her passport away. She was shouted at, beaten and the children spat at her, hit her and pulled her hair. I asked why she had not left or run away. She said because her boss had told her that without a passport she would be put in prison by the British police for many years and would never see her children.
12/03/2013 16:52 GMT