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Jessica Bower

Account Director, Sundance London

Jessica started her career in qualitative consumer research with Research International in London and then Singapore. She then shifted to a B2B focus as a research advisor for UK Trade and Investment’s Export Marketing Research Scheme, helping small businesses understand markets from Antigua to Zambia.

Jessica returned to the world of consumer brands at Added Value UK, helping identify transformational insights for clients including Cadbury, Vodafone, Danone and Prudential. She joined Sundance London in 2009. Jessica loves discovering the cultural codes that frame how brands work around the world; and leveraging these codes to create surprising but practical solutions.

Little Miss Know Your Place - Are You a Miss, a Ms or a Mrs?

Within British culture, being designated 'the missus' carries significantly less glamorous and dignified connotations than 'Madame'. The anodyne and slightly self-conscious 'Ms' is hardly more appealing, although it does at least attempt to define women independent of their marital status.
19/03/2012 22:40 GMT