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Luke Bozier

Centre-ground political activist and entrepreneur

Luke Bozier is a political agitator who speaks his mind on a range of
issues, from enterprise to economic to foreign policy. Unwaveringly
centrist in outlook, Luke believes that politics is at its best when
mixing the best of the left with the best of the right.

When not agitating politically, Bozier is founder and chief executive
of Silicon Valley-backed start-up company Municipo, and is based in

It's Half-Time in Britain

Brits - including our political leaders - prefer to sit around moaning. Our best days are behind us, they say. 'Little Britain syndrome' has taken ahold throughout the nation. I tell you what will get rid of it: a dose of British optimism to snap us out of our funk. We need that half-time ad, reminding us that we too are a great country capable of digging ourselves out of a hole.
15/02/2012 10:47 GMT