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Writer and comedy maker

thesophie is a writer and editor. Her day job is as a writer and editor, while her night/weekend job is as a writer and editor. thesophie mainly blogs about comedy, comedians, the Muppets, and failed social encounters.

thesophie likes drinking wine and tweeting her ‘jokes’.

thesophie seeks affirmation.

Remember Remember a Girl Does Movember

I also want to raise awareness for women's facial hair. I will be posting CLOSE-UP photos of my upper lip as the dark army approaches. This will be extremely embarrassing so please sponsor me so there is a point.
05/11/2012 10:45 GMT

Google's Biggest Questions, Answered

What are society's biggest questions? Is God real? Is Climate Change going to kill us all? Is freedom a right? Not according to autocomplete.
06/02/2012 23:47 GMT

Liveblog of the New Year's Honours List 2012

As rumoured, Ronnie Corbett gets a CBE for more than five decades work in entertainment. That's a one-up on his late comedy partner. Presumably, Ronnie Barker only got an OBE because he didn't hit the big five-oh. Everyone knows the Queen loves a golden anniversary. At least we'll avoid the 'It's Good Knight From Him' headlines.
02/01/2012 16:33 GMT

New Year's Resolutions for 2012

Even though I'm about as good as it gets, I realised that it is about that time of year to start thinking about how to better myself in the coming 12 months. I've drawn up three for now, let me know yours in the comments section.
02/01/2012 16:28 GMT