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Tracey Bovingdon

Entrepreneur and founder of Tea Monkey, the UK’s first ever high street tea chain

Tracey is a successful serial entrepreneur and business consultant. In 2002, she was Founder and Managing Director of Strictly Education Limited. In 2007, she sold the business to Bond PLC. Prior to this, Tracey was CEO of Education Personnel and Managing Director of Partnerships in Education for Nord Anglia PLC; a relationship borne out of a merger with The Education Group Ltd which she also founded.

Tracey has lived in a number of countries across the world, including spending four years in Bahrain, Oman and Thailand. It was during this time overseas that Tracey gained inspiration for her latest project, Tea Monkey cafes.

Tracey says, “During my travels I spent a lot of time in coffee shops, and I got tired of the same old style and their lack of imagination and movement. I realised, if we’re a nation of tea drinkers, there should be a tea chain in the UK. I kept seeing the vision of what it could be, and now it exists!”

Tea Monkey was set up in 2011 to bridge a gap in the market for a High Street chain that provides a high quality and extensive range of teas served in a modern environment. Tracey loves filling gaps and Tea Monkey serves over 40 types of loose tea and an extensive range of pyramid tea sacks and wellness teas. The company was awarded the Best UK Tea Award 2011 by the Beverage Standards Association and Best Tea Experience at the Grab and Go Awards alongside tea they also serve award winning coffee, hot chocolate and a selection of fresh foods prepared on site. The brand has now launched its highly anticipated franchise business and is offering franchisees a key role in the development of Tea Monkey as it fills out its funky tea cafes across the UK.

Coffee to Go... Tea to Stay

Us tea drinkers have been kind of sidelined over the last twenty years by the rather aggressive rise of the coffee shop and its dominance on the high street. But actually I have come to realise that there is something more to drinking tea than first appears.
20/01/2013 21:52 GMT