Celebrating Senegal's Creativity with Renewed Commitment to the 2005 Convention

Celebrating Senegal's Creativity with Renewed Commitment to the 2005 Convention

Salma Zulfiqar  9.04.2016
For Senegalese hip hop artist, Moona Yanni, the world of creativity and music in particular, is a vehicle which allows artists to express...

Review: In the Age of Giorgione, Royal Academy of Arts 'Revealing'

Victoria Sadler  5.04.2016
Who was Giorgione? After all, he's hardly a household name and yet the Royal Academy has opened a new exhibition dedicated to uncovering...
A Quick Guide To Marrakech

A Quick Guide To Marrakech

Chloe Gunning  5.04.2016
Dusty, hot, chaotic, overwhelming and unfriendly. That's what I was expecting Morocco's 'red city' Marrakech to be like. From descriptions...

Building on Indonesia's Cultural Policy with the 2005 Convention

Salma Zulfiqar  1.04.2016
"The diversity of cultural expressions not only shows the identity of a nation, but also allows creative people to contribute towards their...

Review: Russia and the Arts, National Portrait Gallery 'Dramatic, Intense, Passionate'

Victoria Sadler  31.03.2016
The turn of the 20th century was not a happy time in Russia. The Imperial dynasty was moribund and its Tsar, Nicholas II, was a hopeless...
Wikipedia Has A Problem And We Need Women To Fix It

Wikipedia Has A Problem And We Need Women To Fix It

Brogan Driscoll  31.03.2016
Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the world, ranked seventh globally. It is widely described as the largest repository...
Why Art?

Why Art?

James Dann  26.03.2016
Why Art? James Dann - Nude Tin Can Gallery from James on Vimeo. An in-depth exploration into the virtues, velocity and vengeance that...

Street Artist eL Seed Changes Perceptions With Arabic Graffiti That's Optical Genius

Jonathan A.J. Wilson  22.03.2016
Born to Tunisian parents, eL Seed spent his formative years in the suburbs of Paris juggling different cultures, languages, and identities....
Fashion, Art and Sustainability

Fashion, Art and Sustainability

Lucy Tammam  21.03.2016
With the end of Fair Fashion Month, our ethical fashion campaign with Fairphone came the judging for A Sustainable World 2016 - our annual...

Review: British Culture Examined in New Photography Show at Barbican Centre

Victoria Sadler  17.03.2016
If, like me, you're a fan of street photography and social documentary, you'll love Strange and Familiar at the Barbican Centre, a new...
God's Own Junkyard

God's Own Junkyard

Anne Richardson  17.03.2016
God's Own Junkyard is a shimmering Aladdin's cave of new and salvaged retro neon signage, religious iconography, disco balls and shimmering...

Bonheur de Vivre - Bernard Jacobson Gallery

Bob Chaundy  16.03.2016
Le Bonheur de vivre (The Joy of Life), one of French post-impressionist artist Henri Matisse's most famous paintings, is housed in the...

The Case Of Vivian Maier: Why Eccentric Introverts Are Awesome

Mohadesa Najumi  16.03.2016
Vivian Maier shot over 100,00 photographs all while being a nanny and living a discreet, mysterious life. The only reason that her work...

Capturing Masculinity

Ben Mirza  15.03.2016
For the last couple of years, I've collaborated on a number of photography projects with artists, barbers, men's clothing brands etc, so...