Gallery Elena Shchukina to Headline Russian Art Week in London

Gallery Elena Shchukina to Headline Russian Art Week in London

Theodora Clarke  20.11.2014
This November marks the first official collaboration between Gallery Elena Shchukina and Russian Art Week. Both of her galleries are currently...
The Real National Lottery Winners

The Real National Lottery Winners

Jennie Price  20.11.2014
For two decades money raised by National Lottery players has been re-invested in local communities and national projects to the tune of...

Griffin Art Prize 2014

Bob Chaundy  19.11.2014
The prize is awarded to emerging artists in painting and drawing. Chudamani Clowes emerged triumphant from a long list of 20 that was then...

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 at Natural History Museum

Victoria Sadler  18.11.2014
The annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is now in its fiftieth year. It is a global showcase of the very best nature photographs...
Absent Protests

Absent Protests

Rose Gibbs  18.11.2014
Allen Jones' work doesn't really offer us any thing new and further still it rides on the back of the exploitation of women to his benefit....

John Costi: Armed Robber to Critically Acclaimed Artist

Luke Hodson  17.11.2014
Artist John Costi was born London 1987, of dual Irish and Cypriot heritage. Working mostly in film, spoken word and performance installation...
Ten Things You Should Know About Mark Rothko

Ten Things You Should Know About Mark Rothko

Ewa Zubek  16.11.2014
The current Mark Rothko exhibition in The Hague's Gemeentemuseum seems to be the perfect Rothko show. With over 60 works on display - from...

The Art of Shame

Katie Beswick  14.11.2014
Shame Chorus will be a live concert event performed at the Freud Museum, and a range of other venues in London and across the UK in 2015....

Life In the Arts Lane - Week 94 - Post Olympia Reflections

Thomas Woodham Smith  13.11.2014
The costs of doing a fair are massively high in comparison to the annual rent of a shop. Yet, fairs continue to proliferate.

So, What to Make of Allen Jones?

Victoria Sadler  12.11.2014
Allen Jones is considered to be one of the finest pop artists of the 1960s but as creator of pieces such as Chair and Table, where female...

Grayson Perry Who Are You? At National Portrait Gallery

Victoria Sadler  8.11.2014
Celebrated artist Grayson Perry has been examining identity and how we define ourselves in his programme on Channel 4, Who Are You? The...

Walking Down The Political Line with Keith Haring

Milena Kotseva  7.11.2014
Keith Haring is a figure that hardly needs an introduction. Eye-catching recognisable style, murals, sculptures, drawings in public spaces...

Artists Explore the Digital Age in MIRRORCITY at Hayward Gallery

Victoria Sadler  5.11.2014
The exhibition presents artworks in a wide variety of media, from paintings to film, from sculpture to sound. But all of it questions that...

Seven Artists for Seven Islands

Nicole Ettinger  4.11.2014
In need of a holiday, yesterday I visited all seven of the Canary Islands under one roof! Seven illustrators from across Europe were each...