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Release Your Inner Child - a Hot Hatch for Every Day of the Week

Lara Platman | Posted 11.04.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Lara Platman

Do you remember your first car, was it handed to you by your proud parents who said, "Go on, be free, travel the world with your dreams - oh and be safe too." Mine was a chocolate brown Vauxhall Astra I can't seem to remember if it was an estate or an elongated hatchback...

Student Buys Dream Audi R8 With Money Earned From Posting YouTube Videos

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 09.04.2014 | UK Universities & Education

A student who lives at home with his parents made enough money from posting videos of fast cars on YouTube to buy his own dream car - a £50,000 Audi ...

Land Rover Unveils 'Transparent' Car

Huffington Post UK | Posted 09.04.2014 | UK Tech

Your next car might be transparent. Land Rover has unveiled a stunning concept of a car which uses cameras and augmented reality to turn the bonnet...

Cars, Fags and Politicians - What a Drag!

Alan Jackson | Posted 14.03.2014 | UK Politics
Alan Jackson

My message to the politicians as a father and founder of an organisation dedicated to healthy lifestyle choices for all, is to put your personal agendas to one side and stop hiding behind the facade of personal choice and liberty and act now to protect those least able to protect themselves.

This Is Not A Good Idea...

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 26.02.2014 | UK Comedy

Take one car with a flat battery. Take one tram. Actually, don't. Don't try doing this. Because take a look at what happened in St Petersburg... ...

Asa Bennett

Hyundai Warns Against UK Leaving European Union | Asa Bennett | Posted 26.02.2014 | UK Politics

Hyundai has become the latest car manufacturer to urge Britain to stay in the European Union, warning that a British exit would throw up "barriers" to...

UK Supercar Demand Helps Ferrari Sales Race Off

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 19.02.2014 | UK

Ferrari has enjoyed a record year thanks to a growing demand in Britain for the Italian supercar. The Italian firm revealed an all-time high net p...

'Convertible' Winter Tyres Have Awesome Pop-Out Studs

Huffington Post UK | Posted 18.02.2014 | UK Tech

A new form of tyre which can convert mid-drive to deal better with snow has been unveiled. The Finnish invention by Nokian relies on pop-out studs,...

Smoking With Fury, Smoking With Ignorance

Jane Sparrow | Posted 13.04.2014 | UK Politics
Jane Sparrow

The 'debate' this week in Parliament regarding smoking in cars with child passengers had me hanging my head in disbelief. We are talking about an activity that puts more than 4,000 chemicals into the air, a number of which are known to cause cancer. Why are we debating it at all... and why are people in our government still opposing it?

This New Car Comes With A Drone 'Companion'

Huffington Post UK | Posted 07.02.2014 | UK Tech

You know how in some video driving games you view the race from above, looking down at your car, instead of in the driver's seat? That. But real. F...

This Robot Eats Cars

Huffington Post UK | Posted 03.02.2014 | UK Tech

Robots: we give them (all of the) jobs. We let them direct our traffic. We teach them to swim through the air like jellyfish. Then they turn around...

The Road to Electric Vehicle Adoption: What's Holding Brits Back?

Brian Smithers | Posted 02.04.2014 | UK Tech
Brian Smithers

2013 proved to be a year of heated debate, education and awareness for the UK green energy sector and at the top of many agendas was the electric vehicle (EV) market.

Car Vending Machine Rents Electric Vehicles In China For $3 Per Day

Huffington Post UK | Posted 31.01.2014 | UK Tech

A massive 'car vending machine' has been launched in China to give customers on-demand access to electric vehicles. The massive building-sized faci...

Formua E Racer Doing Doughnuts In A Very Unglamorous Parking Lot

Huffington Post UK | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Tech

You'd have thought with all money behind it the chaps behind Formula E could have chosen a more glamorous venue to show off Renault's new racer. Bu...

LOOK: Audi Unveils Self-Driving Concept Car

Huffington Post UK | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Tech

Audi has unveiled a stunning new vision of the self-driving car. Its new A7 Autonomous concept combines an intelligent 'auto-pilot' system with Aud...

Fast Cars - Bahrain's Response to the Protest Movement Is the Equivalent of a Reckless Joyrider

Neil Durkin | Posted 16.02.2014 | UK Politics
Neil Durkin

Bahrain has become trapped in an endless circuit of protest-clampdown-further protest-further clampdown. The way out was apparently missed by the authorities long ago and instead we've had police officers acquitted of murder and torture charges (or given lenient sentences), and protesters - including children - given very long prison sentences.

Asa Bennett

Should Osborne Know The Price Of Filling Up A Vauxhall Astra? | Asa Bennett | Posted 12.12.2013 | UK Politics

When George Osborne appeared before the Treasury Select Committee this morning, he was left flummoxed by Labour MP John Mann, who asked him if he knew...

WATCH: Apple's Amazing iCar

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 06.12.2013 | UK Comedy

The government has announced its plans for driverless cars in the UK - but surely everyone will want to drive an Apple iCar? (Created for HuffPost ...

Five Things You Need to Know About Vauxhall's Made in England Film

Tom Ward | Posted 03.02.2014 | UK Tech
Tom Ward

In celebration of 110 years of car manufacturing, Vauxhall has commissioned Katy England, one of the world's leading fashion stylists, to create a sho...

End Of The Road For Your Car Tax Disc

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 04.02.2014 | UK Politics

The car tax disc is set to be scrapped, after more than 90 years being stuck to British motorists' vehicles, and replaced with a modern electronic sys...

Materials Are Key Challenge for Europe in Resource-Constrained World

Dirk Jan van den Berg | Posted 29.01.2014 | UK
Dirk Jan van den Berg

In the build up to February's European Council Summit on industrial competitiveness, Brussels is in the midst of a major policy review. Industrial strategy is the right topic for Europe to be debating and now is exactly the right time to address it...

Vauxhall Vice President of Design Talks 'Made in England'

Tom Ward | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Tech
Tom Ward

As Vauxhall approach 110 years of car manufacturing, I sat down with Mark Adams, Vice President of Design to talk making cars and the new 'Made In England' video, shot by stylist Katy England.

Nissan: We Won't Invest In Britain If It Leaves The EU

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 08.11.2013 | UK

Japanese car giant Nissan would "reconsider" its future investments in Britain if it left the European Union, its chief executive has warned. Speak...

Car of the Future? And the Winner is....

Intelligence Squared | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Tech
Intelligence Squared

I know you are expecting a glimpse of the tech-filled car of the future. Maybe something jewel-like in its shiny precision? And let's not forget something that's as photogenic as it is sexy, green, and fast accelerating?

Bright Red and Fabulously Intuitive - The Volvo S60 T3 R Design

Lara Platman | Posted 31.12.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Lara Platman

When I asked Volvo if I could take one of their cars 'up north' for my Distilleries book project, they asked what car would I like, I suggested an AWD Cross Country or something that showed a bit of ruggedness.