Luis Suarez Strikes Again!

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 03.10.2014 | UK Tech

Luis Suarez's vampiric escapade at this year's World Cup in Brazil was one of the bigger news stories to come out of the tournament. The result was a ...

Fifa ExCo Members Told To Return £16k Watches, And Valcke Asked For Two Hublots Instead

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 18.09.2014 | UK Sport

Watches each worth more than £16,000 were handed out to a representative from all 32 countries at the World Cup - including England, according to FIF...

Banned! Fifa Reject Barça Transfer Ban Appeal

The Huffington Post UK | Samuel Luckhurst | Posted 20.08.2014 | UK Sport

Fifa have rejected Barcelona's appeal against a one-year transfer ban which will now come into effect in January 2015. The world football governing...

Why Is Women's Sport Less Important Than Men's? Women and Young Girls Deserve Better

Casey Stoney | Posted 15.10.2014 | UK Sport
Casey Stoney

What happens if England win the World Cup next year? That's right; as the men's World Cup enters a four-year hiatus, the women's World Cup is still to come... Women's sport makes up just 2% of all sports coverage in the UK. It's a shocking statistic, but I hope it's something that can change over time... There is an appetite for the game and in some countries women's football is huge.

The Party Is Over - Time for Fifa to Deal With the Hangover

Dr Roger Barker | Posted 10.10.2014 | UK Sport
Dr Roger Barker

Fifa has to face up to the decision-making processes which are routinely scrutinised and alleged to be dishonest or improperly influenced. In the last four years, four members of its Executive Committee have been forced out on the basis of suspicions of bribery. For such a large and important global organisation, such negative perceptions are unsustainable.

Drenthe Treats Reading Fans To Fifa Tournament... At His House

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 04.08.2014 | UK Sport

Roystone Drenthe's career has taken him from Real Madrid to Reading, via Everton but the Dutchman hasn't let his decline affect his generosity, as he ...

Friends Transform Kicksabout Into 'Real Life FIFA' Video Game

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 01.08.2014 | UK Tech

FIFA (the video game, not the dodgy governing body) has a style and aesthetic all of its own. From the classic isometric camera view, to the Martin Ty...

If Qatar's World Cup Bid Video Had Told The Truth

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 29.07.2014 | UK Comedy

HuffPost UK Comedy (thanks to Handface and David Schneider) imagines a slightly more truthful version of Qatar's bid advert for the 2022 World Cup... ...

Will the Return of Coach Dunga Take Brazilian Football Back to the Future?

Eric Ehrmann | Posted 24.09.2014 | UK Sport
Eric Ehrmann

Named by then-CBF president Ricardo Texeira to coach the seleçao in 2006 Dunga had no previous coaching experience. He was abruptly fired by Teixeira after Brazil got knocked out in the quarter finals of the FIFA 2010 World Cup by Holland. Now he's back and the fans don't like it.

Was Lionel Messi A Worthy Winner of the Golden Ball Award?‏

Qadeer Ahmed | Posted 21.09.2014 | UK Sport
Qadeer Ahmed

Lionel Messi didn't deserve to win the World Cup Golden Ball... it was an incorrect decision, with Maradona going as far as to claim it was all part of a marketing ploy... Did he prove he was the greatest player of all time, no not really. However did he prove that he was the best, most decisive, most influential player at the 2014 World Cup.

More Bad News For Roy And The Boys

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 17.07.2014 | UK Sport

England fans could have been forgiven for thinking the worst was over after their team crashed out of the World Cup all those weeks ago. But no. Fi...

What Did the World Cup Do for Data Visualization?

Andy Cotgreave | Posted 15.09.2014 | UK Tech
Andy Cotgreave

Some stories are best told with visualisation... They aren't flashy; they are simple and designed to convey key information quickly... The amount of data being generated by the World Cup lets us explore anything.

Why Has Nico Rosberg's World Cup Helmet annoyed Fifa?

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 17.07.2014 | UK Sport

UPDATED 13:20, 17/07/14 - Fifa response In an act that demonstrates just how far world football has been taken away from the ordinary fan and into ...

FIFA Must Learn Lessons On Head Injuries From the NFL Lawsuit

Alexandra Kyrke-Smith | Posted 15.09.2014 | UK Sport
Alexandra Kyrke-Smith

4,500 former NFL players, many of whom had suffered with mental health or cognitive problems, sued the league over head injuries sustained whilst playing... Yet at the World Cup, this evidence was flagrantly ignored... any medic will tell you that Christoph Kramer should have been taken off immediately.

Whelan The Most Notorious Brit In Brazil Since Ronnie Biggs As He Flees Arrest

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 11.07.2014 | UK Sport

Ray Whelan, the English director of Fifa's ticket and hospitality partners MATCH, has been declared a "fugitive" by police in Rio de Janeiro after the...

British Director Of Fifa Hospitality Arrested In Brazil

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 08.07.2014 | UK Sport

A British director of Fifa's hospitality partners MATCH has been arrested in Brazil as part of an investigation into illegal World Cup ticket sales. ...

Six Players Whose World Cup Performances Could Mean Big Money Transfers

Dan Farr | Posted 05.09.2014 | UK Sport
Dan Farr

We have seen youngsters burst onto the world stage as well as superstars adding to their repertoire as global footballing giants. But what happens when all is said and done and the curtains are drawn on the World Cup for another four years?

Five Unsung Heroes of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Joe Cooper | Posted 04.09.2014 | UK Sport
Joe Cooper

Everybody knows the famous names of the past and the present, but it can be easy to forget about those who perform brilliantly for their sides without necessarily stealing the show. Here are five players who have performed incredibly well for their side so far in the World Cup, but have not received the plaudits they deserve.

FIFA 15 Graphics: Just How Good Does It Look?

The Huffington Post UK | Michael Rundle | Posted 01.07.2014 | UK Tech

Every year when FIFA comes around (the game, not the crusty moth-ridden global football organisation) we get excited. No, not because of the newly twe...

Character - The Key to Footballing Success

Xavier Bosch | Posted 27.08.2014 | UK Sport
Xavier Bosch

How important are character strengths such as self-control when it comes to winning football matches? Surely you wouldn't risk being sent off for a nudge or an elbow, would you? Unless you couldn't help yourself.

Fifa Bite Back at Suarez for Not Playing the Game

Dominic Antill | Posted 27.08.2014 | UK Sport
Dominic Antill

So the main issue then, is that biting is so bafflingly blatant, so far removed from the comprehensible vagaries of football, that this four month veto is really a punishment for outrageous stupidity. It's the third time!

And Sokratis Makes It 145! 2014 World Cup Has Already Matched 2010 Goals Haul

The Huffington Post UK | Samuel Luckhurst | Posted 30.06.2014 | UK Sport

Sokratis Papastathopoulos's stoppage-time equaliser for Greece against Costa Rica was the 145th goal of the 2014 World Cup - equalling the overall tot...

Luis Suarez: Unbelievable and Unforgivable

Joe Pennell | Posted 26.08.2014 | UK Sport
Joe Pennell

This is a man who lives and plays on the edge, who will try to seek any competitive advantage for himself or his team. When this desire degenerates into the ugly and often violent scenes that have littered Suarez's impressive career, it becomes difficult to see the Uruguayan ever paralleling true modern greats such as Messi or Ronaldo.

The World Cup: Will We Ever Turn That Corner?

Jason Holmes | Posted 25.08.2014 | UK Entertainment
Jason Holmes

This has been an amusing tournament so far, if only for the verbal interplay in the TV studio between ex-footballers and assorted armchair experts whose gone-to-seed physiques are crammed awkwardly between the four corners of our screens...

Why You Shouldn't Watch the World Cup

Adam Ludgate | Posted 25.08.2014 | UK Sport
Adam Ludgate

Watching the behaviour of professional football (or soccer, if you like) players has become so sad and dishonest, it's beginning to become a struggle to be able enjoy watching the game or take it seriously. Embellishment, diving, cheating, or whatever you want to call it, has truly become a disease on the game.