Jack Dromey

New McAlpine Boss: We Will Never Let Blacklisting Happen Again

The Huffington Post | Kate Forrester | Posted 08.09.2017 | UK Politics

A construction firm blasted by MPs after it was awarded a lucrative contract to refurbish Big Ben says it will never allow blacklisting to happen agai...

MPs Say Awarding Big Ben Contract To Firm That Blacklisted Workers Is 'A Scandal'

The Huffington Post | Kate Forrester | Posted 05.09.2017 | UK Politics

The government’s decision to award the contract to refurbish Big Ben to a company forced to pay out for blacklisting workers is “a scandal”, MPs...

The Failure Of Nick Timothy And The False Pretence Of Erdington Conservatism

Jack Dromey | Posted 10.08.2017 | UK Politics
Jack Dromey

After advising the Prime Minister to repeatedly claim she would support the 'just about managing', Nick Timothy joins his campaign mate Sir Lynton Crosby in being handsomely rewarded for abject failure, far more than 'just about managing'. While Crosby was paid £85,000 per day for the disastrous campaign, Timothy has since left government and fallen into not one, but two jobs, writing for The Sun and the Daily Telegraph. If any ordinary person had performed as poorly in their job as these two did, they would not expect such extraordinary rewards.

Labour MP Gives Anti-Corbyn Interview, Changes His Tune When Jeremy Shows Up

The Huffington Post | Christopher York | Posted 19.08.2016 | UK

You may well have noticed already but if not, the Labour party is a little bit divided at the moment. The collective infighting was encapsulated wonde...

Leaving the EU Would Put Our Progress on Violence Against Women and Girls at Risk

Vera Baird QC | Posted 21.06.2017 | UK Politics
Vera Baird QC

The EU's determination to tackle international violence against women and girls has led to measures such as the anti-trafficking directive. Without the obligation to implement that, as EU members, the UK would not be so advanced in our fight against modern slavery and sexual exploitation.

Theresa May's Haphazard Cuts Risk a Policing Disaster

Jack Dromey | Posted 14.07.2016 | UK Politics
Jack Dromey

Even Theresa May must see that there is a high risk, if not a certainty, that her haphazard cuts and unfairness of distribution will remove many such constables even as the nature of crime is changing and the threat of the most serious crimes is increasing. There will be many more victims - and it is them we will be thinking of when we hear Thursday's announcements.

Victim Of Crime? Solve It Yourself, Police Say

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 04.09.2014 | UK

High-volume offences such as criminal damage or vehicle crime are "on the verge of being decriminalised" by police forces which have given up investig...

Neighbourhood Policing Under Threat

Jack Dromey | Posted 20.09.2014 | UK Politics
Jack Dromey

The Police Service of England and Wales is suffering the biggest cuts of any in Europe. Police Forces are being asked to do more with less. Almost 16,000 police officers have already gone and the police workforce will have reduced by 34,000 by the time of the General Election. With the thin blue line stretched ever thinner, the public is seeing ever fewer Bobbies on the beat.

It's Better to Prevent Crime Than to Clear Up Afterwards

Steve Reed | Posted 10.08.2014 | UK Politics
Steve Reed

The Tory-led Government's complacency on crime is misplaced while crime is still too high and costs us all too much. By focusing on prevention we can cut the number of victims, cut crime, and cut the overall cost to the country as well.

Jack Sommers

Double Standards? A Tale Of Two Police Racism Complaints

HuffingtonPost.com | Jack Sommers | Posted 07.06.2014 | UK

One police officer was accused of calling a man "a black bastard". Another was accused of racially abusing a black woman. The first was let off whe...

Shadow Police Minister Calls A Postal Worker 'Pikey'

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 13.12.2013 | UK Politics

Police have been asked to investigate a senior Labour MP after he caused a storm on Twitter by referring to a postal worker as "the Pikey" in a messag...

Now's Not the Time for David Cameron to Shuffle Housing to the Bottom of the Pack

Matt Hutchinson | Posted 11.12.2013 | UK Politics
Matt Hutchinson

After a week of reshuffles - both for David Cameron's cabinet and Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet - it appears the coalition haven't just changed personnel, they've relegated housing on the political agenda...

More Families Left Homeless At Christmas

The Independent | Posted 24.12.2012 | UK Politics

The number of homeless families staying in bed-and-breakfast accommodation has doubled in a year, according to official figures. Between 2010 and 2...

Clegg Calls For Britain To Build More Towns Like Milton Keynes

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 22.11.2012 | UK Politics

Nick Clegg is calling for the creation of a new generation of new towns and garden cities to address Britain's growing housing crisis. The Deputy P...

Working People Increasingly Turning To Housing Benefit

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 22.10.2012 | UK

Working families increasingly depend on state benefits to avoid eviction from their homes due to a soaring housing market, research has found. A fa...

Shapps Accused Of Misleading The Media, The Public And Parliament By Labour

The Huffington Post UK | Dina Rickman | Posted 11.06.2012 | UK Politics

Grant Shapps stands accused of misleading the media, the public, and parliament about the extent of the housing crisis by Labour after his shadow Jack...

'Ordinary Families Are The Victims': Homelessness Rises 14%

The Huffington Post UK | Dina Rickman | Posted 08.03.2012 | UK

The number of homeless Britons rose by a "shocking" 14% in 2011, according to figures released by the Department of Communities and Local Government ...

Dromey Gets A Slap On The Wrist Over Union Payments

The Huffington Post UK | Chris Wimpress | Posted 19.01.2012 | UK Politics

Labour frontbencher Jack Dromey made a "serious" failure to declare his work for the Unite union when he became an MP, according to the Commons watch...