Donald Trump Quotes Read By Kids From New Zealand Makes Them Much More Tolerable

The Huffington Post | Ryan Barrell | Posted 12.05.2016 | UK Comedy

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says a lot of shocking things, and puts out quite a large number of dubious statements. Lucki...

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Katharine Hill | Posted 06.05.2016 | UK Parents
Katharine Hill

Laughter can be about the smallest things - practical jokes, a plastic spider in the bed, funny stories at the meal table, hide and seek in the dark, watching a comedy film and even a water fight at 2am. Take time to laugh and have fun.

Surviving Long-Haul Air Travel With The Kids

By AOL Travel | Jackie Gallego | Posted 10.05.2016 | UK Lifestyle

From where to sit to making the most of the in-flight entertainment, follow these hard-earned tips from the long haul flight experts, Air New Zealand ...

Parenting - 'Help!'

Samantha Simmonds | Posted 05.05.2016 | UK Parents
Samantha Simmonds

You'd think Phillip and I would have had all our parenting issues nailed by the time our daughter came along, but when she was one and still insisting on being cuddled to sleep with a dummy, we knew it was time, once again, to call in a professional.

How Airlines Are Making Traveling with Young Children Even More Difficult

Mihal Greener | Posted 05.05.2016 | UK Parents
Mihal Greener

Yep, the worst thing that has happened to me while flying was not the airline pretending a cardboard box was an actual bed for an actual baby. The worst thing is what the airlines try to pass off as children's food.

Addicted to My iPhone: Being a Father and a Hypocrite

Nick Kuh | Posted 29.04.2016 | UK Tech
Nick Kuh

If I can't manage to put my own phone away for an hours family dinner time then why should I expect my son to do the same? Maybe parents need parental controls too? I want to reduce my own screen time, not just because I want to be a better parent but because I'm happier offline.

Things I Don't Have Time for Now I Have Kids

Frances Taylor | Posted 29.04.2016 | UK Parents
Frances Taylor

In a pre-child life, if someone were to ask me what I got up to at the weekend and I replied that I went swimming and to the supermarket all in one day, the person asking might look at me as if to say 'and...?'. With children, doing two different things in 24 hour period is something to be proud of. Medal-winning territory.

Why We Need to Get Kids Coding

Jill Hodges | Posted 28.04.2016 | UK Tech
Jill Hodges

In the midst of all this easy-to-use technology, somehow we lost touch with the fact that someone has to build it all. And the kids have become consumers, sitting slack-jawed and motionless above the wrists for hours, killing baddies but never knowing the thrill of summoning the code-driven genies themselves.

A New Baby - An Emotional Time

Thomas Lynch | Posted 25.04.2016 | UK Parents
Thomas Lynch

Both me and my wife talked and talked about whether we would try again for another baby or accept that one beautiful boy was good enough for us. It was one of those conversations that went on forever and had different outcomes every time.

7 Kids Do Their Best Donald Trump Impressions

The Huffington Post | Ryan Barrell | Posted 18.04.2016 | UK Comedy

Jimmy Fallon has one of the best Donald Trump impressions around, but he decided to let some other junior impersonators steal the limelight for a minu...

More Crazy Things Kids Say

Vicki Marinker | Posted 15.04.2016 | UK Parents
Vicki Marinker

The boys are now nine and seven years old and I continue to store up our more amusing conversations. My kids don't read my blog (yet). When they do, I hope they will thank me for recording the innocence of their childhood, rather than resenting all this exposure. I love you boys, more than you can imagine.

Why I HATE Parenting Tribes

Lucy Tobin | Posted 30.03.2016 | UK Parents
Lucy Tobin

I have, fairly obviously, never had a baby in any other era - but I'm pretty sure the whole parenting thing used to be simpler. You gave birth; you became a parent. Your baby was hungry; you fed it. Your baby needed to get somewhere; you took it there.

What Did You Do Today? Your Response Vs Your Toddler's

Katie Gregory | Posted 28.03.2016 | UK Parents
Katie Gregory

Ever wondered how your account of your day compares to your toddler's? Wonder no more...

Having a Growth Spurt? Again?

John Hibbs | Posted 21.03.2016 | UK Parents
John Hibbs

So, the wardrobe clearance begins. The endless folding and lamenting 'ah but she looks so cute in that - maybe I could squeeze another wear out of it'. Again, I should know better, there is no point in this.

Cute Karate Kid 'Saves' Girl From Big Bad Instructor

The Huffington Post | Ellen Wallwork | Posted 14.03.2016 | UK Parents

A tiny boy with a rather large sense of injustice, came to the rescue of a girl who he thought was being picked on by someone a lot bigger than she wa...

10-Year-Old Cancer Patient Shares Witty Diary Of Treatment

The Huffington Post UK | Natasha Hinde | Posted 10.03.2016 | UK Lifestyle

A cheeky 10-year-old with cancer has been inspiring the internet with his positive updates on Facebook. Felix Brown, from Bournemouth, Dorset is un...

From Shoot 'em Ups to Emotional Intelligence: Gaming Gets Kind

Devi Clark | Posted 04.03.2016 | UK Parents
Devi Clark

I met Rosie Linder a fortnight ago. Like me, she is a middle aged mother with two children. Like me she wants to connect with her children. "I wanted a fun way to talk about emotions with my daughters. If you just ask them, they are very resistant. They feel they are being put on the spot."

11 Things Only Parents of Boys Will Understand

Vicki Marinker | Posted 03.03.2016 | UK Parents
Vicki Marinker

I was completely unprepared for having boys. I must admit that my fantasies during early pregnancy featured a little girl, dressed as mini-me (that's a miniature version of me - not Mini-Me from Austin Powers, that would be really weird).

Mothering Sunday for a Gay Dad - It's Awkward

Nick King | Posted 03.03.2016 | UK Parents
Nick King

Against this background of Mothering Sunday hysteria, it's understandable that over the years various teachers, play school helpers and creche supervisors approach the inevitable 'for whom should we make the card' conversation with us with visible dread.

Is It So Bad to Need a Break From My Kids?

Samantha Simmonds | Posted 26.02.2016 | UK Parents
Samantha Simmonds

Clearly going away without the kids isn't an easy thing to do - emotionally or logistically. But I felt for the sake of my sanity it was becoming a necessity! So grandparents were drafted in from up North and with the help of our nanny and other parents helping schlep our kids to various after school activities - we were off!

The Destruction of the Calais 'Jungle' and Europe's Short-term Memory

Heydon Prowse | Posted 26.02.2016 | UK
Heydon Prowse

In 1951, inspired by a mix of guilt and hope, governments around the world got together to write a Refugee Convention. It was sort of a blue print for...

The Duchess Of Cambridge Continues The Young Minds Matter Message

The Huffington Post UK | Sarah Ann Harris | Posted 24.02.2016 | UK

The Duchess of Cambridge took part in a sing-a-long on a visit to an Edinburgh school on Wednesday as she continued to spread the Young Minds Matter m...

Kids' Brilliant Dating Advice: Should You Text Or Call After A First Date?

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 11.02.2016 | UK Parents

The perils of dating can leave the best of us at a loss for what to do. Sometimes we just need to take the simple approach, as these kids (who are ...

The Remarkable Advice on Happiness I Learnt From a Silicon Valley Investor I'm Going to Teach My Kids

Laura Clark | Posted 08.02.2016 | UK Parents
Laura Clark

I hope my children also grow into happy, fulfilled adults - once they pass the moody teen phase! But, as we all know, kids don't always want to listen to their parents. To combat this I'm planning to pass on advice I've picked up along my life journey so far, both from my own experiences and from other people.

Year of the Dad - Belts and Breeks

Thomas Lynch | Posted 04.02.2016 | UK Parents
Thomas Lynch

My son is seven years old and I still do it. Not every night, but sometimes I'll sneak in late at night and just marvel at him. It's a precious time, he doesn't know he's brilliant and funny though I do tell him, but well sometimes kids hear what they want to hear.